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    Birdwatching in Ogden!

    Ogden and the surrounding areas offer a wide variety of bird habitats. From the mountains in the east, to the marshes in the west, to the high country lakes, rivers and streams, you will enjoy finding large numbers of almost any type of birds. Following is a listing of some of the best places to to find birds.

    North Arm Wildlife Viewing Area
    Located on the north end of Pinview Reservoir, this is an awsome place to see the birds that frequent mountain lakes. It encompases a large swampy area where North Fork Creek empties into the lake. To get there, go up Ogden Canyon and when you come to the dam, turn left and go across it. The road will turn to the North and you will pass two marinas. When you get to the end of the North arm of the lake, the road will turn to the east and you will cross a bridge over the creek. The birdwatching area will be just after that on your right.

    Snow Basin
    Here, you will find yourself in a spectacular mountain setting. You can walk north from the lower parking lot and find beaver ponds teeming with birds and other wildlife. Travel to the east from the upper parking lot and your will find Green Pond sitting in the middle of a pine and quaking aspen forest. Go up the mountain and you will be blown away by the alpine meadows and are likely to spot some grouse. All in all, a beautiful place to look for Birds.

    Ogden Bay Bird Refuge
    From Ogden, go west on 12th street to access the Ogden Bay Bird Refuge. Excellent opportunities to spot ducks, geese, swans and pheasants. Pheasants can also be found east of the north parking area and along the northern canal. It is almost empty except for during the hunting season in the fall. You can walk, ride a bike, or launch a boat and explore thousands of acres of prime bird habitat.

    Bear River Bird Refuge
    This is one of the best place to birdwatch in the country. The 74,000 acres of marsh, open water, grasslands and mudflats are managed to provide different water depths and habitats, attracting a wide variety of species. This critical habitat provides an abundant food supply for migrating birds in the Pacific and Central North American Flyways. You can observe large numbers of waterfowl during the Spring, Summer and Fall months. During the Winter months, various raptors are more prevalent. For a look at some of the species at the refuge Click Here. For the US Fish and Wildlife web page for Bear RiverClick Here.

    Antelope Island
    The island has 30 miles of developed trails and is a sanctuary for migrating birds. You will also be likely to see lots of other wildlife including antelope, bison, mule deer, bobcats, coyotes, badgers, big horn sheep It is surrounded by blue water and offers spectacular views of the mountains in the distance.

    For more information contact:
    Ogden Ranger District (801) 625-5112 or
    Union Station Information Center (801) 625-5306

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