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    Camping near Ogden

    When summer arrives, it is time to head for the hills, or the water, or even the desert. Those who live in Utah are incredibly lucky to have a wide choice of campgrounds, both developed and undeveloped. Developed campgrounds typically have parking, toilets, tables, water, barbecue grills or fire rings, and daily fees ranging from $7.00 to $14.00. Unless otherwise designated, the listing below will be developed campgrounds.

    Detailed camping information and maps are available at the Union Station Information Center located in historic Union Station at the west end of 25th Street in Ogden. (801) 625-5306.

    Antelope Island

    In the middle of the Great Salt Lake, this campground is located on the beach. This is a great beach where you can walk out a block and it is only waist deep. The neat thing about the lake is that it is so salty that it is almost impossible to sink. You can also take a drive to the other side of the island and see the Buffalo herd that lives there.

    Farmington Canyon

    Two campgrounds are located up Farmington Canyon, Sunset and Bountiful Peak. These campgrounds are for tent and trailers only and do not have facilities. It is a very beautiful drive to get there, but it is not for those who are afraid of heights.

    Pineview Reservoir Map

    Anderson Cove is located on the South side of Pineview Reservoir, near the turnoff to Snow Basin. This Forest Service campground is right on the lake and offers both individual and group reservations. Easy access to the lake and water skiing. Jefferson Hunt, also a Forest Service campground, is located at the South Fork inlet to the reservoir and has 29 individual camping units. Reservations for both these campgrounds can be made by calling (800) 280-2267.

    North Fork

    This campground is run by Weber County and has 189 individual campsites and 5 group campsites. It is located in the north arm of the Ogden Valley and equipped with flush toilets and running water. There are accomodations for horses and plenty of places to ride them. Individual and group reservations are available. For more information or reservations visit their Website or call (801) 399-8491 or (800) 407-2757.

    South Fork of the Ogden River

    There are a number of National Forest Services campgrounds located along the South Fork of the Ogden River. These include Maples, Magpie, Hobble, South Fork, Perception Park, Botts, Upper Meadows, Lower Meadows, and Willows. These campgrounds are all next to the river and can be reserved for individual use. Perception Park can also be reserved for groups. Call (800) 280-2267 for reservations.

    Monte Cristo

    Keep traveling up past the South Fork campgrounds on Highway 39 and eventually you will come to the Monte Cristo campground. This timbered setting is just the thing for a relaxing weekend. Individual reservations can be made by calling (800) 280-2267.

    Weber Memorial

    This campground has flush toilets, running water and is located at the base of the dam at Causey Reservoir. There are baseball diamonds, volleyball & horseshoe pits, as well as an enclosed lodge. Individual and group reservations are available. For more information or reservations visit their Website or call (801) 399-8491 or (800) 407-2757.

    Willard Bay Map

    Stay up all night and fish for catfish. Located by the North Marina, this Utah State campground can be lots of fun, just be sure you do not run short of skeeter repellent.

    Fort Buenaventura Map

    Located just outside the city center on the west side of the Ogden River, is Fort Buenaventura. It is open from March through November and contains 25 RV sites and 25 test sites. There is a pond where children under 13 years of age and younger may fish, and it is next to the river where adults can fish. There are flush toilets and potable drinking water is available. For more information or reservations visit their Website or call (801) 399-8491 or (800) 407-2757.


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