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    Schools Should Teach Safe Shooting

    by Graham Lovelady

    The social forces in our country have changed to the point where we have to consider bold new moves to effectively deal with today's realities. It is obvious from what has happened in our country over the last few years that there is no way that we can prevent our children from taking guns to school.

    It is equally obvious that parents are totally incapable of teaching their children gun safety. I therefore propose that we establish "Safe Shooting." programs in every school across the country. We need to teach our children that shooting is OK, just as long as they do not shoot another person, or at least if they do, they should use blank ammunition. We also need to teach them the mechanics of "safe shooting" such as how to field strip an M16 blind folded, and the advantages and disadvantages of the various automatic weapons which are available.

    To complete their "safe shooting" education, we will teach them the important peripheral issues that they must deal with daily, such as how to shoot a bazooka and how to safely manufacture and arm a pipe bomb. We can complete this program by opening clinics in each school where children can get information on using firearms safely without the meddling interference of parents. These clinics will distribute bulls eye targets and blank ammunition free of charge, without requiring parental consent, and of course, using your tax dollars.

    I know that there are some who will mistakenly assume that this will increase the level of violence in our schools. To these people, I say WAKE UP!!! The reality of firearms in our schools is unavoidable. It is na´ve for us to assume, in this enlightened day and age, that we can teach our children to abstain from using deadly firepower. The only reasonable way we will ever reduce the number of children being killed is to teach "Safe Shooting."

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