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    Hiking in Ogden!

    The Ogden area has many beautiful and invigorating trails for your recreational pleasure. For your and others' enjoyment, here are a few things to keep in mind. Trails in the area often cross both National Forest and private property. Private landowners have granted permission for public use of these trails, so please respect their property by staying on trails, packing out all litter and leaving private facilities alone. When meeting horses or mountain bikes, hikers should move to the downhill side of the trail.

    It is recommended that you bring water from home as bacterial parasites inhabit most streams in the mountains. If you don't or run out, boiling for at least 3-5 minutes is the most reliable way to treat drinking water in the field. Bury human waste 6-8 inches deep at least 200 feet from water and keep soap away from streams and lakes. Wash dishes, clothes or yourself in a bucket well away from water and pour the wash water in a hole well away from camp or trails.

    This trail runs along the spine of the mountains to the east of North Ogden. One end of the rail is on the west side of Pineview Reservoir near the parking area 1 1/2 miles from the dam. The other end of the trail is at the summit of North Ogden Pass. Elevation starts at 6,184 feet and climbs to 8,100 feet and the length of the hike is 22 miles. Difficulty is moderate and the trail is also used for horses, mountain and motor bikes.

    Lewis Peak
    This trail branches off from the Skyline Trail runs west for 2.7 miles to the Lewis Peak. The shortest route to the trail is from the North Ogden Pass parking area. Difficulty is moderate and rises from 7,950 feet to 8,031 feet. Horses, mountain and motor bikes also usee this trail.

    Indian Trail
    You can catch this trail at the Smokey Bear sign in Ogden Canyon or at the east end of 22nd street. It is 4.3 miles long and rises from 4,600 feet to 5,600 feet. Due to rock outcrops and rock slides, the trail is mpassable to motorized vehicles and horses. Walkers will enjoy the rock stairs, narrow pathways and low overhangs.

    Hidden Valley
    This trail branches off to the south(right) about a half-mile up the Indian Trail. It rises from 4,600 to 6,800 during its 2 mile length. It is used by hikers only and the climb is rated difficult.

    Beus Canyon
    Access this trail from the top of 46th street. It rises from 5,760 feet ending at 6,500 feet and is 7 miles long and is also used by horses and mountain bikes. This is part of the Great Western Trail and a more difficult climb to make than some of the other trails.

    Taylor Canyon
    Access from the top of 27th street. There is a spring coming out of the mountain just before the switchbacks that take you up into Malan's Basin. The trail starts at 4200 feet and climbs to 9200 feet, ending at the top of Mt. Ogden.

    Waterfall Canyon
    There are multiple trailheads to waterfall. The most popular is the parking lot at the top of 29th street. The trail head is clearly marked. Stay on the upper trail and then stay on the trail's by the river. The other trailhead is on the south side of Mt. Ogden park. It is also clearly marked. There are two rusting water towers on the hill and the trail is about 40-50 yards above them.

    Ben Lomond
    Go to North Fork Park Campground and park near the corrals to accesses this 7 mile long trail. Beginning at 5,760 feet and ending at 8,010 feet, it is also used by horses and mountain bikes. This is part of the Great Western Trail and the difficulty is moderate.

    Culter Basin
    Travel north from Liberty toward North Fork Park. However, instead of turning left toward North Fork Park, continue straight until you pass Camp Lomondi and a dirt road turns right and uphill. Follow signs to "Cutler Flat Campground" and drive through the campground field to its north side and turn right then immediately left just before the East Bowery Area. The trailhead is on County property at a dirt cul-de-sac near a red steel gate. This 5 mile hike starts at 5,800 feet and goes to 8,100 feet. Horses also use this trail and the climb is rated as difficult.

    This trail is accesses at Art Nord Drive below Pineview Reservoir or at Snowbasin Road. For 4.5 miles this path rises gently from 5,000 to 5,600 feet and is considered an easy climb. A part of the Great Western Trail, if is also used by horses and mountain bikes.

    Green Pond
    Go left as you enter Snowbasin Ski Area upper parking lot and begin a 2 mile hike from 6,600 down to 6,500 feet. Also used by horses and mountain bikes, the trail includes private property nearby which must be respected.

    Skullcrack Canyon
    - You'll find this trail at the south end of Causey Dam and in spite of the ominous name, it rises only 100 feet from 5,800 to 5,900 and is rated as a moderate climb. It is 2 miles long and also used by horses

    Wheatgrass Canyon
    Park at the entrance to Camp Kiesel at Causey Reservoir and begin a 10 mile hike that rises from 5,720 to 6,800 feet. The trail is also used by horses and is considered moderate to difficult to climb. Please respect private property at the Boy Scout Camp.

    For more information contact:
    Ogden Ranger District (801) 625-5112 or
    Union Station Information Center (801) 625-5306

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