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    Contrary to what people might believe -- there is a thriving night life in Utah! Although our liquor laws are a bit convoluted and in a constant state of flux, they have recently been eased to make it easier to get a drink. You are no longer requied to purchase a membership in a private club in order to get a cocktail. However, if you do not want to drink in a bar or club, and you want something other than 3.2 beer you will need to plan ahead. There are only 3 liquor stores in Ogden, and they are not open on Sundays. Two of them close at 7PM (Monday - Saturday) and the other one is only open until 9PM.

    25th Street is the hub of nite life in Ogden. There are a number of bars and clubs there which visitors might enjoy. Brewski's (Map) is one of them. They have live music, pool tables, and a large screen TV. The City Club (Map). is another. It is a little more quiet and refined, and they pride themselves on serving foods without any artificial ingedients. They also have a great collection of Beatle's memorabilia.

    Wiseguys Comedy Club (Map) is also on 25th Street and it is a great place to go for a laugh. They have live shows every Friday and Saturday night, bringing in great acts from all over the country.

    Teazers (Map) is another private club that offers pool and a big screen TV for sports. They regularly bring in talented bands, mostly with a country western flavor.

    If you are just looking for a great beer, then Rooster's (Map) is the place to go. They brew all of their own beers and they are delicious. They always have their four standard beers ranging from a light honey wheat to a dark chocolate stout. While my wife just loves the honey wheat, I particulary like the flavor of their tangy Polygamy Pale Ale. They also always offer two additional beers which change on a seasonal basis.

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