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    Swimming in Ogden!

    Whether you want to swim in a lake, river or pool, Ogden is a great place to be. There are lot's of opportunites to swim in Ogden during the Summer, and even in the Winter.

    Outdoor Swimming!

    One of my favorite place to swim in the Ogden River. Just behind the stadium in Lorin Farr Park, there is a culvert that empties into the river. Right beneath this culvert is a hole that is 5 or 6 feet deep. A lot of kids, and even some adults, like jumping off the culvert which is about 6 feet off of the water. The river conditions are constantly changing, and a smart person will always make sure that the water is deep enough and that there are no rocks or other debris before jumping in.

    After a brisk swim, you may want to take a dip in the Hot Pots at the mouth of Ogden Canyon just across the highway from the waterfall. Another caution though. The trail to the Hot Pots can be tricky for small children and those who are drunk. Some have fallen in and lost their lives when the water was high.

    Pineview Reservoir is another favorite outdoor place to swim. If you are coming from Ogden and stay on the south side of the lake, there is a little cove just a little less than 2 miles from the dam. It is a nice, quiet place to swim, and it does not cost anything. There are also state parks at Cemetary Point in Huntville, and along State Route 166, where you can swim in a developed area for a small fee.

    The Great Salt Lake offers a unique experience for swimmers of all ages. At Bridger Bay in Antelope Island State Park, you can walk out for hundreds of yards without having the water go over your head. But even if it did, the water is so salty that most people can easily float on their backs without any effort at all.

    Lorin Farr Park also has a public pool with two large boogie board slides. This can be loads of fun if you have two competitve children who would like to race each other.

    North Ogden has a great Aquatic Center that is fun for children of all ages. It offers 2 water slides, 2 diving boards and a water filled jungle gym for the little ones. Click here for directions.

    Surf and Swim is located in Layton Commons Park and offers a great wave pool for those who miss the ocean.

    Rolling Hills Swim Club is open from Memorial Day to Labor Day and offers unlimited family memberships for under $200.

    Indoor Swimming

    Ben Lomond High School
    Ogden High School
    Marshall White Center
    Roy Recreation Center
    Clearfield City

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